Who is Blinque Design?
Blinque Design is freelance graphic design company that is owned and operated by Christie Carver.

Why choose Blinque Design for your property marketing?
When it comes to using company provided templates you are restricted to the number of photos, size of photos, layout, color, and much more. At Blinque Design our only limitations is the size of the paper! We create custom designs that showcase your property to their full potential and set you apart. We can implement a design that is unique to you. Give us a try!

What is the turnaround time for a design?
Real estate is a fast past industry, therefore I try our best to get you quality designed materials as quickly as we can. Once I have all the materials needed to design, such as property details, write ups, and images, the turn around time will vary from project to project.  Generally speaking I request a three day turnaround for most design proofs. Of course I am always willing to work with deadlines and try our best to make our clients happy, but also insure a quality product.

What happens after the design is complete?
Upon approval from the client, the final design file can be sent as a high resolution PDF or JPEG depending on the need and use. All rights are of the client’s and they may use the file to print as they need. A second option would be to upload the file to a selected vendor, or the client’s, for a small processing fee of $5. All printing and shipping costs are the client’s responsibility and will be added to their invoice.

Do you offer photography service?
At this time we are not offering a photography service. We are currently looking for a photographer to partner with so this aspect of the job will not be a burden on the client. For the time, all images for the design will be supplied by the client unless it is a purchased stock photo in which we have selected to complete the design and have client’s approval.

What type of photographs do we need for a printed design?
To produce a high quality product we need high quality photos. The higher the resolution, the better.  We do offer photo retouching to enhance the images. JPGs or JPEGs are the most common photo file type.

How many photos do I need for a flyer?
The number of photographs needed for flyers vary depending on the type of flyer. The one page flyer will show about 6 photographs of the property. A double-sided flyer will show about 10 photos. A four page flyer can offer around 20 photos and can highlight more details of the property.

Turn around time for print?
We outsource our print jobs, so the print turnaround time will depend on our vendor’s printing and shipping speed, as well as our client’s turnaround deadline and budget.

Does Blinque Design only work with realtors and brokers?
No! As a freelance graphic design company we are happy to work with you in achieving your design and marketing needs.

Where are you located?
I am located in Aurora, Colorado, but thanks to the internet and the ease of file transefering, my graphic design services are offered to those near and far!

How long have you been in the business?
I have been involved with real estate marketing and graphic design for ten years! I love all things graphic design, but I really enjoy home marketing because it is a fast paced market and an exciting time for both buyer and seller.

What if I need a design product you don’t have listed?
Contact us! I am happy to work with you in creating a product that not only meets your needs, but one you can be proud of.

How do I pay?
Good question! We offer payment through Paypal or check. Payment must be received before final art is is released.